20% to ASA

20% of the profits from our hemp-CBD products go towards supporting Americans for Safe Access, whose mission is to ensure safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. Their End Pain Not Lives campaign is directed at making medical cannabis an option across the US as an alterantive to opiates. Our collaboration with them is centered around awareness, and we've teamed up with a very special filmmaker for a piece we're excited to drop soon...  

Americans for Safe Access

ASA has over 100,000 active members in all 50 states and is the largest national member-based organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to medical cannabis.

ASA works to overcome political, social and legal barriers by creating policies that improve access to medical cannabis for patients and researchers.


End Pain Not Lives is ASA's public facing campaign to highlight the opiate crisis in America, which claims over 130 lives per day.

The research shows a nearly 25% decrease of opioid overdose deaths in states with medical cannabis laws. However, medical cannabis is not option for all patients due to the federal-state legal conflict. With your help, they want to change that.



Keep Reading.

Beyond buying our hemp-CBD products, there's a couple ways you can go further – reading deeper into the issues surrounding this crisis and spreading the word organically. Below is a link to ASA's education page where you can learn more while we get ready to drop our special collaboration with them.

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goodness is conscious cannabis. At a mininum, 10% of our profits are dedicated to help innovative non-profits fight for the well-being of people and planet.




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